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Art renews the soul.  Original art that is yours alone is a form of self-expression.  A piece from lloyd creations has an organic flair for those with a love of the unique and beautiful.  I create my art with the intent of making it accessible.  Whether you want to wear it or hang it, there is a piece that is just right for you.


My Process

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Technology, spirit, and an innovative technique have finally come together to launch me into a public relationship with my art.  In that sense I am a new artist.  Even so, I had played with clays and then encaustics searching some time for a specific biological look.  I find it in the phenomenon of 'cells' that occur in fluid acrylic pouring.  These cells create an image that resonates with my soul. It's all about color and fluid dynamics!  Art and science have been my two loves since grade school.  They find their marriage in my art form.  I paint with air, gravity, syringes, mallets, my fingers, and occasionally brushes.  I simply delight in the development of the image on the canvas.  Finding this way of working with paint has opened up new ideas of expression that are leading to a different kind of abstract painting.  It's a journey on which, through the Internet, I am privileged to bring more of my clients.

My philosophy in life and art is integrity and transparency.  There is one thing I enjoy nearly as much as creating my art, and that's talking about the way it is made.  Any piece you find interesting, just ask, and I will recount the process of its birth.


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 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton